few words about me

Welcome. If you are here it means you are interested in software products 🙂 My name is Martin Djonov and this blog will be all about building, deploying, scaling and securing software products.

My experience is gathered by working on many different products, most often as a lead engineer or consultant, but also I do have PhD degree in Computer Science with focus on data, real-time processing and IoT. Products on which I have worked on:
– Spoke.ai
– Insynctive
– ESG Screen 17
– HSC Nord
– Hedgetrade
– Peerdom
– ASME / Techstreet
– Wristbanditz
– Trainer @ Semos education
– Consultant @ ZEGIN and Makpetrol

Topics I am interested and involved in are: AI, Cloud infrastructure & DevOps including CI/CD, Automation testing, Security, Microservices, Event-driven architecture, Product design & User Experience, FE and BE development, Databases and last but not the least, Company culture.

You can expect my posts in the following platforms, frameworks and technologies: React (Remix, Next), Angular, Node (Express, Fastify), AWS, GCP, Python (Fast API), C#, Docker, RabbitMQ, DBs (Mongo, Postgre), Jest, Cypress, Terraform.